How to Create an MPQ File


Before I begin I will state that this tutorial requires one of the tools in this archive and that it assumes you keep a neat folder structure ready for quick MPQ creation. An example of a neat folder structure that is already ready for quick MPQ creation is as follows:

Now that you have a neat folder structure and the required tools for the job let's get to work.

First you must go to /Tools/mpqediten64/ and double-click on MPQEditor.exe. Assuming this is your first time you should then go to the Tools tab, click the Compatibility button, select the version of WoW you're working with, and then click Ok. Now go back to the Operations tab, click New MPQ, and then enter in the name of the MPQ file. MPQ file names, as far as I know, can only be patch-number or patch-letter. Some examples of working MPQ names are patch-5, patch-8, patch-M, and patch-n. They can use 0-9 and A-z. Numbers above 9 probably work, but I've never used them. After entering the name of your MPQ files, without the extension, into the first text field you can click Next. In the next screen select the second option and point the path to the beginning of your folder structure. In my case I would enter C:\Games\World of Warcraft 3.3.5a\Development\Tools\mpqediten64\Neat Folder\ and then continue clicking Next until the MPQ file is created. Now you can just go into your mpqediten64 folder, copy the newly created MPQ file, and place it into your /WoW/Data/ folder for it to work.